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Oct 13, 2017 at 09:01 AM

Packing the materials into pallets for dispatching


As per the current WM configuration in the system, the materials are put away into bins and then picked from the bins to the staging area for dispatch.

In the staging area, the operator manually arranges the items to pallets. Multiple delivery documents can be stacked onto the same pallet. This is tracked manually.Then the pallets are transferred to the dispatch lane.This process is done manually and is not configured in SAP WM.

Now the customer wants to skip the staging area and wants the items to be directly packed to the pallets after being picked from bins and needs this to be configured in SAP.

Is this configuration feasible as the put away is done to the bins and not to the pallets.When the delivery needs to be dispatched, then only the items needs to be picked from bins and packed to the pallets for dispatch.

Please help.