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Dec 04, 2007 at 01:54 PM

TableView contains whitespace-like characters



I have a tableview which can be dynamically expanded...via an add row button the onInputProcessing event is triggered which appends a empty row to the internal table for the tableview.

IF event IS NOT INITIAL AND event->id EQ 'addRow'.
  CLEAR mystructure.
  APPEND mystructure TO mytable.

The problem is, that the tableview shows some whitespace like characters in the cells, when the structure is empty. The consequence of this is that when you click on the cell and enter some data, the data has a leading whitespace. And this whitespace can neither be removed by CONDENSE nor by SHIFT. If I preset the empty structure with a character '_' for e.g. the whitespace like character is not there. Same behavior when I delete this strnage character manually in every cell before I enter some data.