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Former Member
Dec 04, 2007 at 12:32 PM

Monitoring concept


Hi guys,

I just want to know what would be the recommended approach to create a monitoring concept for a pretty large (SAP and non-SAP) system landscape.

Situation now:

-all systems connected to central SLD

-all systems accessible via RFC destinations from Solution Manager 4.0 (is CEN)

For monitoring, should all satellite systems be connected to Solution Manager's RZ 20 first, and then integrated to the graphical overview of DSWP? Or is it best practice only to integrate them via DSWP?

What about Solution Manager Diagnostics? I know it can be used for monitoring of Java instances. Does it provide more monitoring attributes compared to integreation with CCMSR -j2ee agent registration to CCMS?

What about NWA? I know it'll replace Visual Admin. But it can be used for monitoring as well.

My overall question is: What should be monitored with which tools, and why?

Thanks a lot, I just need some conceptual background information...