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Dec 04, 2007 at 12:25 PM

Value of the goods movement is negative



Info is:

1. All delivery costs are positive in SA. Its a regular SA. NO subcontracting.

2. Stock values are positive in MB5L for that material

3. In MMR MAP is positive


Even though below is error message coming while GR 101:

"Value of the goods movement is negative":

Message no. M7301


The goods movement value is negative.

Possible causes for this:

o A subcontracting order contains negative components (by-products).

The value of these by-products is sufficiently high that the goods

receipt value value of the material ordered is negative.

o The delivery costs (such as rebate) for a purchase order are


Goods value:

Delivery costs:

Total value:

System Response

The system cannot post the goods movement.


o In the case of a subcontracting order:

Reduce the quantity of the negative components until the goods

receipt value is positive. Then enter a subsequent adjustment for

the remaining by-products using transaction MB04.

o In the case of negative delivery costs:

Stop processing the item and change the delivery costs in the

purchase order.

Please suggest on priority