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Dec 04, 2007 at 12:14 PM

Indirect Evaluation Module


Hi Experts!

I have a situation and maybe somebody has done something similar and can help me:

In IT 0008 I have a Standard Salary and a Bonus. The bonus is not given monthly but at every three months. At every three months the EE receives something like this:

Procent of realization * (Bonus1StdSalary1Bonus2StdSalary2Bonus1StdSalary3)/3

where Bonus1...3 and StdSalary1....3 is data from IT0008 for every previous month.

Can you give me a hint? I know that there is IT0014, but there the indirect evaluation is done at a particular month and I need to evaluation indirect based on the previous three months, because the Standard salary or Bonus from contract might change during these three months.

Thanks and best regards,