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Dec 04, 2007 at 12:11 PM

SAP NW CE 7.1: Sign-on to R/3 backend with Portal User



I have create a an Application Service. There I have imported some RFC and created some operations to read data from the R/3 backend and write in R/3 backend.

I have created an other Development Component. It's a EJB Module. With EJB invocation I get access to the Application Service.

The next step is to use the EJBs with Web Dynpro with the an EJB Model Import.

Now my questions:

How can I realize that this user who sign on in portal and excute the Web Dynpro Application also sign on at R/3 backend. In NWA at Destinations I changed the <i>Logon Data--Authentication</i> from <i>Technical User</i> to <i>Current User (Logon Ticket)</i>.

Now I get the following exception:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No SAP logon ticket found for destination TDE.

I execute the methods of the EJB in a test-class via JDNI-lookup.

<b>How can I create a logon ticket for my destination?</b>

Do I have "only" to follow the instructions here for for Scenario 1?

<b>How can I deliver CAF the userid and password?</b>

I implemented a test-class where I use the EJB of the EJB Module. How can I give CAF the userid and password of an PortalUser?