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Former Member
Dec 04, 2007 at 10:21 AM

STO transfer between storage locations - CIF problem



We are grappling with a CIF issue and would really appreciate it if experienced members could throw some light on the best way to get around this.


APO has two locations X and Y which are storage locations in R/3 (Not plants or MRP areas). The result of a planning run would generate STOs between X and Y in APO. The current process on the R/3 side involves execution of material movement type 311 between storage locations X and Y which is done after completion of the physical process in the warehouse.


1. Is there a way to employ CIF and transfer the STOs between location X and Y to R/3 ? (My understanding is - because X and Y are not MRP areas / Plants, there would be a CIF error at the R/3 side)

2. Is there a way to monitor CIF inbound queues on the R/3 side and get the STO transactions into an R/3 table? (Say in the format, Source Loc, Dest Loc, Qty)

3. 311 movement could then be run based on the values thus populated in the R/3 table ?

Appreciate your spending time to read through this query.