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Dec 04, 2007 at 05:05 AM

BDC Questions


<b>Hi Friends,

I have some important bdc question... can any one please answer these questions.

advance thanks,



1)In BDC how can we handle Table Controls?

2)Suppose we are transfer data through BDC from leagacy to SAP and their is some duplicate data in legacy system but we don't want this in SAP system .So how can we check that this data is already exist?

3)Can we use two transaction code in one BDC like XK01 & XD01 if yes how?

4)While uploading a flat file through BDC Call Transaction, the system suddenly get CRASHED. How do I know many records have been updated?

5)In which file format will u upload data in bdc? hw will u do that?

6)Are bdc methods are interfaces or conversions? explain?

7)what is the include used for selection screen for bdc program?

8)In call transaction what is the function module to capture the errors?

9)what is session?

10)hw do u populate the BDCDATA structure?

11)what is the syntax for call transaction?

12)hw do u save data in bdc table?

13)IS it possible to use " call transaction" without a bdc table?

14)differnce between call transaction & session method?

15)what does the mesage parameter indicates?

16)what is synchrouous an asynchronous?

17)What is bdc_okcode?

18)What is the function key values of BDC_OKCODE ie '/00' what this is for?

19)Can you give me one example where we should use only bdc call transaction method

20)In the reports when you press f4 to get list is it possible to pass default value in that value...i.e suppose i have created select option on company code when the user press f4 automatically he should get the default value.

21) How to insert data in table control through bdc ....problem is every system displays different no of rows in the table control when you enter the application....for ex .. purchase order, pur req, bom....

22) Does bdc table acccept data for multiple transactions? if so how?

23) what are the advantages in batch input session?

24)what is the use of 'structure identifiers' in sap?

25)Is there any method called direct input. if so what is it?