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SPAU I reset to original a node with green icon ( Automatic Adjustment )

Oct 11, 2017 at 09:23 PM


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Hello All ,

I'm working in a upgrade , i reset to original a lot of includes and functions modules that have the green icon of automatic Adjustment how can i go back to this status and apply the automatic adjustment

thanks in advance

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2 Answers

Raymond Giuseppi Oct 17, 2017 at 02:44 PM

For a handful of note, you may consider version management or transport from another system (same level) else did you consider a system restore (quick) ?

Else look for OSS note on the subject, some notes provided some tools like ENH_RECOVER_SMODILOG_ALL_DATA and this kind of program that you could (at your own risk) try to divert from their original purpose (not worse than update of smodilog by the way...)

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Former Member

SAP itself suggested to modify the entry in SMODILOG, when we have faced similar issue in the past when we upgraded system from 4.6 to ecc6. But that was long back, may be now there could be tools which can recover the objects of the SPAU.


Don't worry, I also did that when leaving 4.6c some years ago, but there are things SAP employees do, things SAP answers us to do, and things we do. In fact analyzing source of such support program is often 'educative'... (info on other smodilog fields like upgrade and also upg_mode, spau and spau_code. other tables like smodiuser, etc.)

Nethertheless, in many cases and in this particular issue, removing an 'administrative' flag if often not enough to correct the problem, so my suggestion for version management or import from other system, even copy/paste source code AND some admin flag are usually required.

NB: for big serious 'mistakes', with many objects, losing a single work-day by restoring system back to previous step (everybody [must] perform many system saves during an update) is often the best solution. (But don't wait too much for decision, not making a choice is a choice)

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Former Member Oct 12, 2017 at 03:13 AM


You can bring back the objects into the SPAU list (original status) by editing the entries in table


In this table there is a field called UPGRADE.

Edit the entry by placing X in this field, so that corresponding object will appear again SPAU list with it's original status.

And then you can do adjustments again.

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Thank you Ramesh

Yes , that true for some existent object but for those i reset to original they doesn't appear again !!
but your responce works for the objects i modified and they give me the red flag and when i edit in the SMODILOG they give the original status


@Ramesh Volla when i have an include inside a Function Group and when i reset to original this include by error , i go back to the table smodilog and i put 'X' into UPGRADE field but it doesn't return to the original status , it disappears

I need ur help for this question it's critical



Please use "Comment on this answer" to reply to someone's answer. When we post another answer no one gets notified of it and Ramesh might be unaware. Either way, I believe Raymond's answer is correct.

It's the same as accidentally overwriting any ABAP code. Use version control, another system (QA or PRD) or an old transport to restore the code. When doing SPAU last time, I just made a code copy in a Word file and captured the reasons for restoring to original as well.


Answer converted to comment.


But this just manages the modification status, doesn't it? I'm guessing OP did "reset to original" and that actually changed the ABAP code, not just a flag.


FYI: Manual adjustment of the SMODILOG table can lead to inconsistencies in the system and is not supported by SAP and problems resulting from modifying this table will not be supported by SAP Product Support.