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Dec 03, 2007 at 10:48 PM

Batch Versioning of Requirements Catalogs



Suppose that I have a horde of requirements catalogs that need new versions created periodically. By this, I mean that a catalog - new catalog version pair should be filled out with the same requirements as a catalog - existing catalog version pair, and that this needs to be done for each catalog there is. If one has, say, more than a hundred catalogs, doing this manually in PIQRLCATM is tedious and error-prone....

I haven't seen such functionality in SLCM 4.72, and am wondering whether it exists in 6.0 or is planned?

Alternatively, suppose that I have the same horde of requirements catalogs, but decide that new versions should only be created on an as-needed basis. By this, I mean that a catalog - new catalog version pair should only be created when a subrequirement of a requirement in a catalog - existing catalog version pair would need to be changed. This implies that a separate version set should be maintained for each catalog. However, the version set number can only be a two-digit number, and there are more than 99 distinct catalogs.

Is the maximum size of this number increased in SLCM 6.0 or is there a plan to widen it in the future? (Changing it to a 2-character alphanumeric value would also increase the range, but not as much as making it a 4-digit decimal number.)

Thank you,