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Null values for columns with similar formula - webi report

Oct 11, 2017 at 07:49 PM


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hi Gurus,

I want to display "payable currency" and "receivable currency" in 1 row as in pic1, I am using the below formula:

payable currency = [Currency] Where([P/R Flag] = "P")

receivable currency = [Currency] Where([P/R Flag] = "R")

When i use the above formula null values are getting displayed in alternate rows, can I know the way hide null values shown in pic2.

Thanks in advance

pic1.jpg (23.0 kB)
pic2.jpg (29.7 kB)
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Koen Hesters Oct 12, 2017 at 09:44 AM

payable currency = if ([P/R Flag] = "P") THen [Currency] Else ""

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Thanks for your repply Koen, your formula giving me same results when i use the below 2 formulas.

=If([P/R Flag]="P") Then [Notional Currency] Else ""


=If([P/R Flag]="R") Then [Notional Currency] Else ""

the above formulas give me these results..

I want to see below results currency in same row by suppressing nulls

pic1.jpg (23.0 kB)
pic2.jpg (29.7 kB)

is the P/R flag in your query (hidden dimension), what is causing the duplicated rows (is aggregation set in your table properties)?

if the variables are causing this set them as detail variable of your key (lowest level dimension in your table) and use your where formula

capture.png (35.2 kB)


this works!!

Thank you for your help Sir :)