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Former Member
Dec 03, 2007 at 07:59 PM

Show Image in Portal? - Urgent!


I need some help displaying an image from MDM in a portal iview. The image will display correctly if the image is a field in the main table.

However, how do you display the image when it is defined in taxonomy mode, and the text value is used in the record mode, under record details? All that shows in portal for this is the text value. But what I want is for the actual image based on that text to appear.

Example: In taxonomy mode, I have an attribute detail name "performance curve", with values curve1 and curve2 (each has an image attached). Back in record mode, each record now has an attribute in the details area for "performance curve", and those two possible choices. When chosen, only the text appears, which is then what appears in the Item Details iview. I need the actual image instead.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you for any help offered!