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Oct 11, 2017 at 05:25 PM

SAP GUI Java 7.50 on Mac - unable to print


Using SAPGUI Java 7.50 I am unable to print. For example, in SE16 I have a list. I go to System -> List -> Print.

I select LOCAL for print device (setup with device type PDF access method G). In SAPGUI it shows it will print but then nothing happens. In SAPGUI my print string is:

/usr/bin/lp -d %p -n %n %o

I had also created a small script a few years ago that would open the print in Preview instead of printing. I would then call it as: "<Script> %o".

I added additional logging in this script and when I then have it called as: <Script> -d %p -n %n %o

Then I can see in my log output: -d <queue> -n 1

but nothing else. This tells me that SAPGUI for Java is not passing the file anymore to be printed. And thus also explains why with the default string it does not work (%o should be the filename to print).