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Kit hirarchie in EWM returns delivery

Oct 11, 2017 at 02:49 PM


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Hey Guys,

we are sending kits to our customers based on a kit structure in SD order. ERP is Setup in a way that user only has to enter the kit Header and components will be pulled from the BOM creating a hirarchie on sales order item Level (kit Header item is higher Level for the component items). Everything is copied to ERP Outbound delivery. Item category for the kit Header is not relevant for picking so in EWM we do only pick the components and kit-Header item is only there to pull the packspec for the VAS order into the delivery.

Now we have a Scenario where we receive the kit back as part of a Returns delivery. We would like to be able to enter the kit Header in the Returns order and explode in the same way as during SD order creation on Outbound side. This is working fine based on our current Setup - also ERP Returns delivery Looks ok but we are stuck at the mapping to EWM item types. Whatever type settings I am using I loose the hirarchie on item Level and I also loose the ERP Settings for the kit-Header as not relevant for picking/putaway. I do not care whether the kit-Header is being send to EWM or not but if it is being send it should be considered as not relevant for putaway (as we are receiving the components only).

Any idea how to achieve this? I know there is a reverse kitting process available but I think this can be triggered from EWM only and it will be for specific kits on one delivery only. We have Return orders with a mixture of kits and 'normal' materials so we Need to start with the Returns order in ERP.

Thanks for any ideas!


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Katrin Kraemer
Oct 19, 2017 at 02:04 PM

Hello Hendrik,

unfortunately this kind of hierarchy is not foreseen in the inbound delivery process in EWM.


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Thanks Katrin,

do you see a good reason for this or it is simply not covered in standard and nobody ever needed it so much that you made it possible?

From my perspective receiving a KIT in a returns is quite reasonable process and to enable visibility of the hirarchy in the delivery is also a valid request. Our setup works fine now (only giving the component items to EWM) but is not a 'clean' solution from my perspective.

Or would the 'standard process' here always be to receive the KIT (e.g. move it to a work center) and than trigger a standard reverse-kitting process from EWM? (I could understand this argument as physically there is also a reverse-kitting process involved -> in our case it is so 'easy' that we do not want it to trigger a system-based reverse-kitting process but rather receive the components right away)

Thanks for any thoughts on this but no need to spent much time as we have a setup noch which is working for the given project!


Hendrik Schulte-Bahrenberg Oct 12, 2017 at 10:48 AM

...thanks for the Feedback Ajit. Nice-to-have Scenario was to have the multi-Level structure that we have in the SD-order (enter Kit-Header -> BOM explodes and creates Kit-components) also in EWM but only the components should be relevant for putaway. Seems not to be so easy in Returns Environment. At least I tried different Setups without success.

So we now took the easy way and made the item category in SD order as 'not relevant for delivery' for the kit Header. So basically we are not sending it to ERP delivery at all (so also not in EWM).

Still I am curious whether it is somehow possible handover a multi-Level kit-structure in Returns delivery down to EWM and have only the components as relevant for putaway. No Need to spend efforts on Analysis here. Will do this one day when I have plenty of time left...

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Ajit Routray Oct 12, 2017 at 07:55 AM

Hi Hendrik,

As per my knowledge , You only want to return the components that should maintain in stock , no stock for header kit.

Did you create new item category in ECC (SO and Delivery ) for Return BOM explode ?

Do you need only components in ECC Delivery and EWM doc ( ODR,ODO,OD ) ?

Invoice will applicable in this case ? If yes , then which will consider ( Kit Header or Comonents ) for that ?

Please us help to understand.

Kind Regards,


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I did the setup now with new item category in ECC SO and make sure header item is not given to ERP delivery. So this solves the requirement now but we are loosing bit of visibility. From EWM perspective for the user it looks like there are only the components within the delivery as they do not see the hirarchy at all any more. Would be nice for the user to see the hirarchy (BOM header and components on next level) and have the BOM header as not relevant for putaway & GR in EWM inbound delivery. So basically handover the structure from ECC SO but make sure only the components are relevant for putaway.

But please do not spend much time here now. Was just asking in case anybody knows by heart but this is not urgent for us now.

Thanks anyhow!


Hendrik Schulte-Bahrenberg

Hi Hendrik.

Please do settings for your new item category.

ECC->IMG->Logistics Execution->SAP EWM Integration->Outbound Process->Kit to Order->Set Goods Receipt Movement Type for Kit Headers

Hope you will get desire result.

Kind Regards,