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Trouble in new Community

Oct 14, 2016 at 11:29 AM


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Hi SAP Gurus,

I know we need to work & explore more to get familiar with new community & I'm continuously working on it. I think its working but in some areas I felt the improvement in new community. Like in the previous community if I wanted to know the questions & the answers as well as the informative blogs written by SAP Gurus on different places like Materials Management, Production Planning, Sales & Distribution & Financial Accounting, I got them all in one place as I need to click on activities. Right now in new community if I want to get the update from PP,MM,SD & FI, I'm not able to get the details. If I click on activities system is taking me to all the updates.

What to do if I just wanted to know the updates only the places I'm following??

Please help!!!!

Thanks & regards,

Ankur Chauhan

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Veselina Peykova
Oct 14, 2016 at 12:16 PM

You can find and bookmark the tag pages for MM, PP, SD, FI and visit them one by one - this is how I was planning to handle the situation.

If you are interested in SD, I would also suggest to have a look at Billing and Sales tags (they get less updates than SD, but sometimes you can find useful information there as well, which is not tagged as SD).



SD Sales:

SD Billing:

These are links, where we have a common interest. For the rest - you would better check the community pages and try to figure out if there are multiple tags for PP and FI (I kind of expect that for FI there will be more than one tag, but I had no time yet to check, sorry).

The biggest problem with tag pages is, that people got carried away with tagging their content and in these lists you will see lots of completely unrelated content. After the worst part of the go-live is over, I hope that blog authors will have the time to re-tag their content, but right now I know there are some migration issues - probably we need to wait until this is fixed. After that, probably we will start reporting blogs and questions for incorrect tags, but right now the moderators are very busy trying to help people who are in a similar situation as you.

The other problem with tag pages is that you cannot filter out content you are not very interested in at the moment - e.g. I am interested in S/4 HANA, but mainly in the logistics part, FI/CO I will leave for later learning. If you have a blog tagged S/4 HANA and FIN and another - S/4 HANA and SD - you will see both. What is worse - if you also load a bookmark with SD, you will also see the same blog for S/4 HANA and SD.

Based on that, I cannot possibly suggest an easy way to choose the right combination of tags, despite that you made your preferences very clear.

Sorry, I wish I could help you more and I wish that I could find the answer to the same question for myself.

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Lets see, how much time it will take to get used to this new community :(


Ankur... My two cents here...

My map of Q&A tags

Steve Rumsby
Oct 14, 2016 at 12:11 PM

The activity stream is meant to be exactly what you are asking for. It shows you updates from all the people you are following and all the tags you are following. That's how it works for me. Do you think it is showing you anything else?

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My activity stream at the moment shows only the updates from the last 3 hours (22 items) - is this different for moderators?

I found no way to influence the maximum number of items kept in the activity stream and use it to find content from the previous day..


I got 53 items in my stream. Oldest is 1 day old.


If I keep hitting the "More" button I get a little over 50 items, revealed 10 at a time. The first 40 or so cover the last 6 hours, and then there's a huge jump from 6 hours to 3 days ago and onwards to 7 days ago. Those last few make no sense to me - why the huge time gaps? Just another Activity Stream puzzle, er, bug...

So I don't think it is showing me everything I follow, but I do follow a lot of people and quite a few tags (the "Using" tag produces a *lot* of activity...:-).


for sure it's not showing all the activities. Should it show your own activities? It's not in my case. So is there an easy way to find back your own comments/questions?


Right now, the activity stream does show me my own activities, yes. This comment will show up in it shortly after I post it. There's a good argument that it shouldn't - I already know what I've posted so don't need to me reminded in the activity stream. For me the activity stream is very busy and it would be more useful to me if it didn't show me my own activities.

My questions and answers, along with my blog posts, are accessible from my profile, in the "Content" section in the left hand column. Comments don't appear there, and as far as I know it isn't possible to get a list of them anywhere.


the best part of it: if i re-open my activities list 5 minutes after closing it, I get a completely different list :)


Well I got to this thread because it said Jurgen updated this question. But I don't see any comments or indications that he was here.. (sneaky little devil he is..).

I assume he performed a moderation activity here? If that is the case, I'm going to have un-follow him. Between him Steffi and Veselina my activity stream will be huge on some days.

I don't see Steffi and Veselina's comments in my activity but maybe I'm not far enough into the activity stream since they commented over an hour ago.


Sorry? ;)

It will propably calm down in a month or so. For me at least. Jürgen will by then spam your activity stream with answers to business questions again, as will Veselina. ^^

I do wonder, though, if normal users can see those moderator related "updated" (changed the tag probably), "rejected" etc acitivties, too. I would ask Veselina, but it looks like she's a bit behind on the updates in her stream. ;)


I get always 22 items, which is weird.. I get initially 10, press more, get another 10, then press more and get only 2. The blue button more is gone, there is no evidence of a cut-out page.

This really bugs me: why 22 and not 42?


My activity stream seems endless... :-(

I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff.. With so much wasted white space, I have to hit the more button 3-5 times just to get past the last hour or so of stuff. Let alone seeing activity in the past 12 or 24 hrs.


I tried with my user in three different browsers - only 22 items.

I logged on with another P-user (mine, from 2007, never logged on to SCN since the new site launched, no followers, no following, initial Karma points - I got 11 items in the Activity stream. I am starting to see some pattern here...

And now the really tricky question: how a brand new user, which follows no tags and no other people sees activities of people liking, commenting and up-voting?


Guy Lamoureux Nov 01, 2016 at 07:40 PM

SAP wanted us to be more active in the community. By making it weird and incomprehensible, thay have us talking more about it. Their strategy works ;-) Or not ? I liked the SCN landing page. Is there something equivalent now ? I didn' see it yet. So, am I going to get more involved. Probably not because it looks more complicated to navigate around in here !!

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The Community Overview page is the replacement landing page:


Thank you. But it shows much much less that the previous SCN landing page. Not an improvement. I love change ... when it makes things better. And it's not the case here.