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Can we create supplementary invoice for multiple billing documents?

Hi Experts,

I have created multiple billing document(around:1000), now due to some price issue, i need to create Supplementary invoice for all the Billing document that i have created till date.

now my requirement is that can we create a Supplementary invoice for all the Billing Documents at single go with some fixed amount.

If there is any process can you please provide any solution.

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2 Answers

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    Oct 18, 2017 at 09:20 AM

    Dear Sir,

    Please find the below details which I have configured in my system:

    Billing Doc Type is F2 and Credit Memo is G2:

    1. My PDIF is working correctly.

    2. using G2 - standard credit memo doc type for the retro-billing credit memo

    3. I have copying controls in VTFF for your F2 and G2.

    4. Item category in Billing doc is extending in the above copying control in VTFF for F2 and G2? And

    - Copying requirement item billing doc to credit memo is 027.

    - Pricing type is C.

    5. Here we are not using our old Pricing Procedure for calculating PDIF condition which we are using for normal sales order.

    If I keep my PDIF (condition type) below ZPR0, but the Basic price subtotal is coming wrong.

    ZPR0Price1,030.00INR1NOS6,180.00INR PDIF Diff.value (own) 120.00 INR 120.00 INRBASIC PRICEINR1NOS6,300.00INRJOSGIN: State GST - OP9%567INRJOCGIN:Central GST - OP9%567INRTOTAL EXCISE DUTIES1NOS1,134.00INRCOPY OF BASE VALUE1NOS7,434.00INR

    So because of that I have created new pricing procedure and maintained condition in correct way.

    And for that new pricing procedure I have assigned OVKK properly.

    But at the time of Retro Billing(VFRB), old pricing procedure is picking not the new pricing procedure.

    Can you let me know how New pricing procedure will come at the time of VFRB (Retro billing)?


    Mohan P

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    • A minor remark - if you wish to notify a user that you provided update to a question, you have several options:

      1. If the user commented on a question - use reply option for the exact comment.

      2. If the user created an answer to your question - use comment on answer.

      3. If this sounds too complicated (to many members it is) - use the @mention feature (here you can see how to use it, it is very simple)

      The reason why I mention this, is that when you do not respond directly to other people's content or you did not use @mention, people do not receive notifications and might not check the question again.

      Anyway, back to your question about subtotals - it is difficult to suggest the best approach because I do not know how your pricing procedure works, how these subtotals are configured, what are they used for etc. What I could recommend is that you start by reading 1007110 - How is the KWERT determined in a subtotal? and the notes mentioned in it - depending on which case your subtotal falls into. Whatever the outcome is - please test all valid cases (end-to-end, not just retro-billing and do not forget about printforms) if you end up changing the pricing configuration.

  • Oct 16, 2017 at 12:36 PM
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    • You forgot to mention what you get now in the billing document - conditions tab on item and level pricing analysis for your tax condition :)

      Screenshots of your original pricing procedure will be probably requested by members - it is a good idea to add this as well.