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Dependency files of sc are not visible in Inactive tab in nwdi

Dear Team,

We have configured NWDI for making the changes in Leave request application of ESS. For that I have performed the below steps.

1. Created the Track

2.created software component(SC) and added to the Track

3. added dependencies .sca files to SC

4.get the .sca files into check-in tab

5. moved .sca files from check-in tab to Development tab

6.Import .sca files to consolidation tab

7.import the development configuration(Track) into NWDS.

In development configuration perspective we have the imported track in Local DC's tab.but no dependencies are visible in Inactive tab.

Kindly suggest your thoughts on this.

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4 Answers

  • Oct 16, 2017 at 08:10 PM

    I hope you have defined the build-time dependencies in the product definition in the SLD. If you have not done this, please do so.

    Then Update the CMS and Synchronize the SCA dependencies (accepting the SLD definition)

    Then please import the custom SCA and the other required SCAs in the CMS - Transport Studio.

    This dev. track has to be imported ONLY in NWDS which release and SPS is the same like the required SCAs (release SPS). As far as I might see you do transport customizations for 7.0x. Then the NWDS must be with the same 7.0x and same SPS.

    Please cross check the relevant /dev/inactive DTR workspaces. The DCs & SCs structure there should be complete. In case there are no DCs, or .dcdef files, then please cross check the archive of the custom SCA. It is possible this SCA to have been exported from the Assembly with the option "Pointers" (or with other words not including source codes - if this is the case the Assembly has to be repeat with the option to include the sources) .

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  • Oct 17, 2017 at 08:23 AM

    If there are no DCs in the DTR dev/inactive then one might not have imported the DCs in the NWDS neither. As far as I might see the .dcdef file is also missing, as well as the DC folder. The DTR dev/inactive workspace should have 2 sub-folders: DC and SC.

    This means: either the custom SCA is corrupt (most likely) or has been exported without sources (unlikely).

    It is also possible the following scenario: due to a migration and/or other database related operations, the integrity of the DTR database has been severely distorted. You might check the DTR database for inconsistencies. More details in this SAP notes:

    1447272 - Support commands in the DTR console (checkDB for inconsistencies) Help for DTR console

    1927372 - The Design Time Repository Console Please do not use your Linux server to run the DTR console

    and this guide

    When one does use DTR console they have to do copy of it to any Windows PC, configure the JAVA_HOME, and launch it from that windows PC with the run.bat. This piece of software does run only with Windows O.S.

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    Oct 17, 2017 at 05:07 AM

    buildtime-dependencies.pngdtr-workspace.pngDear Milen,

    Thanks for your information.

    I have defined the build-time dependencies. In DTR workspace no DCs are available for the particular SC. Kindly suggest me on this .

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  • Oct 19, 2017 at 01:26 PM

    " ... In DTR workspace no DCs are available for the particular SC. Kindly suggest me on this . ..."

    1. Re-save the track in the Landscape configurator. This will recreate the DTR workspaces.

    Re-import the custom SCA in the CMS - Transport Studio . This will import the source code (if there is such one at all in the custom SCA)

    Last check with the present custom SCA is to create a new track and do the import there. If the full content of both DC and SC folders is not available on /dev/inactive workspace, then the custom SCA is corrupt .

    2. Re-trigger the Assembly in the track (and NWDI) where the custom SCA has been created. Please do not forget to select the option "Include Sources"!

    3. Even if this does not help, you need to confirm the source code is available on /dev/inactive workspace ON THE DEVELOPMENT TRACK WHERE THIS CUSTOM SCA HAS BEEN ASSEMBLED. If there are source code files in /dev/inactive workspace then you might ask some developer to import the exactly this track, make a dummy change and release the activity. This will re-trigger consolidation and after that you might repeat the Assembly. In case of successful completion - the source code that is visible in the /dev/inactive workspace should be in the custom SCA. Then you need replace the custom SCA with the newly assembled one and repeat point 1.

    Else, well, the source code is gone. It is neither or this track nor or the track where the custom SCA is assembled. Neither it is in the custom SCA itself. Then it might not be known by any DTR neither. The source code has to be created again.

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