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Dec 03, 2007 at 10:48 AM

Converting a Java Class to a Webservice using NWDS


Hi all

I'm quite new to the creation and consuming of Webservice. I have an existing Java class (developed as a NWDS Java project) containing 3 static mehods that I have successfully tested in the Java perspective. I now want to convert to this class and it's methods to a Webservice in NWDS.

On SDN I've found "" which appears to be exactly what I require. It points to the use of the Web Services Wizard in NWDS.

I've followed the steps and get to Selecting the methods to contain in the Web Service. I can see my 3 methods with an unticked checkbox...but I cannot make a selection i.e. I cannot select any of my methods.

I presume that not selecting any methods in this step will not generate a correct Web Service allowing me to consume my methods. Has anyone encountered a similar scenario?

My NWDS version is 2.0.9 and my NWDS is not currently connected to any WEB AS. Am I correct to assume that once I have an EAR file I can manually deploy onto the appropriate WEB AS?

Your replies will be much appreciated.