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Former Member
Dec 03, 2007 at 10:12 AM

APO CTM Setup Matrix


Dear All,

I am using APO CTM for matching the demand for raw materials with the capacity of the raw material suppliers. I need to model the set up time for the resource/work center of the supplier. A supplier resource can produce more than one similar materials. The set up time should be triggered only when a different material is being produced else it should not be triggered if the same material is being manufactured for different production runs. I wanted to know if the concept of set up matrix can be used in conjunction with CTM? I have made a PPM of PPDS type with a set up matrix tagged to it. The PPM has two operations - Set up and Production. I am not defining the variable or fixed duration for Set up operation. Rather it should be picked up from the set up matrix. The resources used in the PPM are of single mixed type. When I do the consistency check on the Master Data Selection of CTM Master Data, I get an error message "No values specified for variable and fixed duration of mode 1". This is strange because the values should be picked from the set up matrix or does CTM not work in conjunction with set up matrix? Can anybody help me? Its very urgent.

Thanks in advance

Ehsan Ahmed