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Former Member
Dec 03, 2007 at 09:23 AM

url redirect issues


I have some serious redirect issues which i seem unable to resolve.

The symptom is the same for all environments we test it on.

Web application server installed on host (where a.b is adress and domain of hosting provider)

When we adress web services on everything works as expected.

Now of course customer does not like in the URL so they want to adress the services on , which we let the ip adress point to

For services where no logon is needed all works fine if we adress them on , but when logon is required (they use CATS for example) the logon seems to proceed but the browser is redirected again to the logon screen. If we type the wrong credentials you see the credentials are wrong so that is not the case.

Same for a portal they have. Portal logon returns to same page.

We have tried it manualy, with redirect statements in the profile even with the webdispatcher. All have the same effect so it must be something fundamentaly wrong what we try to do or oversee.

First we thought it had something to do with https tickets problems , but also for http it is the same.

Please some help / advice.