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how to print the footer content from secondary window to be displayed in next page ?

Oct 14, 2017 at 09:16 AM


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Unable to print the footer that is present after the line items getting displayed if the 1st page is printed but if the line items exceeds the page then the footer does not gets displayed.

Kindly Refer the attachment where the main windows footer "TOTAL DEBIT AMOUNT" is being displayed in the next page but secondary window's footer cannot be displayed if pages goes 2nd cannot be displayed in the next window.sf1.jpg and sf2.jpg

Please suggest and help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

sf1.jpg (164.6 kB)
sf2.jpg (130.3 kB)
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1 Answer

Michelle Crapo Oct 14, 2017 at 12:07 PM

I'm going to answer with a question. What are you using to create the output? SAPScript, Smartforms, or PDF. Can you upload the screen with how the page and footer are set up?

Thank you!


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sf6.jpgsf6.jpgI'm using SMARTFORMS.

sf3.jpg (SMARTFORMS design)

sf4.jpg Here we have designed in such way that Main window has a footer where the details of "NO ENCL TOTAL DEBIT AMOUNT &TOT&" is given to display the total that is displayed in the page in bottom.

If there are multiple line items then in Next page the rest line item is displayed with the total debit amount.(This debit calculations happens in the main window).

The Secondary window has a footer where the line items are more, then the next page does not display the footer "NO ENCL TOTAL CREDIT AMOUNT &TOT&" sf5.jpg


Now how to make the footer of credit to get displayed that reside in the secondary window...please suggest....

sf4.jpg (176.2 kB) sf5.jpg (177.0 kB) sf6.jpg (229.7 kB) sf6.jpg (229.7 kB) sf6.jpg (229.7 kB) sf3.jpg (156.6 kB)


OK - I'm only commenting - hopefully someone can open the above files.

A pure guess on my part without seeing the Smartform - I'm doing what I hate and adding a link because all the logic is on that page. Basically it is teaching you to add a page break.


For future reference here is what I searched to find this example:

sap smartforms footer second window overflows

If this isn't the correct one, it may help you find a different answer that works.

I hope this helps!