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Auto GR not happening for purchase order after Post goods issue done in VL02N through output type

Hi Experts,

I am facing issue as below, I am technical guy will explain the issue in technical way.

In VL02N when I click 'Post goods issue' button an output type ZXYZ triggering Automatically and it is confirmed with out errors. But after this step when I check in ME23N for the purchase order related to that delivery order, in Item level I need to see 'purchase order history' tab which is Goods Receipt not working.

My function guy told condition records are maintained properly for the output type.

Please help if any inputs for this as this production issue. Quick input are most appreciated.

Best Regards,


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  • What is in this whole question ABAP related?

    And what did you actually explain in technical way? This is just end user way.

    If the stock transfer is a one-step process (GR at the same time as Goods issue) or a 2-step process is totally based on customizing for stock transfers and documented in several blogs and countless questions.

    Only enter this search term in Google and have your answer: one step sto

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1 Answer

  • Oct 13, 2017 at 05:31 PM

    Let me try to make the task of others a little bit easier:

    You have a purchase order, which is most probably a Stock Transfer Order (UB) to transfer goods between plants of the same company code.

    You created an outbound delivery via VL10D, which is of type NL (or something similar).

    You post goods issue for this delivery via VL02N, which triggers an output at save, that is expected to post goods receipt for the purchase order.

    You do not see a GR in the PO history.

    Is this the process and did I understand you correctly?

    Another possibility is that you are not processing stock transfer, but subcontracting. In this case in the PO (NB or similar) on item level item category = L and you create delivery via ME2O/ME2ON. Here you provide semi-finished goods to a vendor, he produces finished product, which you receive in the warehouse.


    I suspect that this automated goods receipt program, which is triggered by the output that you mentioned, is done by in-house development.

    Your consultant is probably right that the condition records are correctly maintained, otherwise you will not have the output determined or it would not be processed automatically at save.

    The important part is whether this custom program posts goods movement, which somehow did not update the PO history or no goods movement happened at all, or goods movement occurred, but for a completely different document.

    Did the stock in the receiving plant change after this output was processed? You can easily check this via MB52. By using MB51 with this material you can check if any goods movements were posted after this custom program was executed. Determining what is the exact problem that you need to solve will help you narrow down your search. Also - is there anything suspicious in ST22, SM13 around that time?

    The other important aspect is whether the problem is reproducible and did it ever work correctly for this combination of plants and materials. If it is reproducible and it worked until recently for the same combination, check for transports, applied notes and master data changes.

    Another useful exercise is to try performing all steps manually - remove the output record for test purposes, post goods issue, then post goods receipt.

    In all cases, if I were you, I would try first to read what the code of this output really does.

    I may be wrong in this, but I think that green output does not always mean successful execution, only that no errors were returned.

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