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No Inspection Lot can be opened Error for Subsequent GR through Inbound Delivery

Hello Folks,

We are a pharmaceutical organization and Incoming goods are subjected to Quality Inspection. We receive partial quantities and very rarely we receive the entire Order Quantity.

We carry out Goods Receipt via Inbound Delivery such that Inspection Lots are generated. The error "No Inspection Lot can be opened for the material and Vendor" appears when we carry out any subsequent GR (same material, vendor) if there is no Usage Decision made for the Lot received earlier.

We have maintained QIR with Status Profile and for Quality Level (QDL2) dynamic modification is at Lot Level (for the material and vendor)

Any inputs on the aforesaid error message would be helpful.


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3 Answers

  • Oct 24, 2017 at 03:20 PM

    See if you have ticked on "documentation required" on the QM view of the plant material.

    Try unchecking that indicator.

    I believe when that is on and a status profile is used in the QIR you'll get the behavior you described. i believe this happens because the indicator turns on the change records for status changes. For some reason I don't think SAP wants the status changes to be done out of order due to this. Since it can't block the status change when the second lot gets created, it blocks further receipts until the current lot is completely processed.

    I believe your choices are to either uncheck the documentation required indicator, or remove the status profile. I'd remove the status profile instead of the documentation indicator but that is totally a business to business decision. We've had some plants do it one way, and some plants the other way. Can even be a material to material decision.

    I find this limitation to be a very poor design on SAP's part. I imagine it was a technical issue related to table design or previous coding that backed them into a corner on this.

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    • Are you using DMR with this? I remember where if you use DMR or the status supply as Yogini mentions, the system won't allow you to do an additional receipt until the open inspection lot is processed. That is because it doesn't know the next step to take in the DMR without the first one being processed. I thought if I remembered correctly it required two things to do in order to trigger that problem. I thought it was DMR with the docu. required flag.

      But it might be DMR with a user profile assigned.


  • Jan 25, 2018 at 05:14 AM

    Hello AJ B,

    sry I posted this answer as a comment ......

    As changing of configuration from radio button to check box is solving ur issue, I guess this is related to the transactional control in status number. double click on status and check. When it is check box there is no sequential activity(status change) required

    for ex. we have status profile with 10 and 20 status no. in transaction control of status no. 10 we have defined completion of a activity such as ' Make usage decision' then only status 20 can be set and new inspection lot can be created.

    Is source inspection activated in QIR for this material and vendor?

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    • Hello Yohini,

      Thank you for the comments !!! However Source Inspection in not activated in QIR.

      Further for my Object Type "Quality Information Record" used in the Status Profile, I do not have any Transaction Control. I cannot add any transaction control either.

      At this point, though I have a work-around i.e. Check boxes but there is a risk as the end user can check more that one statuses in the Quality Information record which is not acceptable.

      Is Transaction control something that I should look into? I'm not sure how to activate them for the Object Type. Please guide !!

      Many thanks in advance !!

  • Feb 15, 2018 at 08:17 AM

    Hello AJ B,

    Please check config setting

    QM in Logistics--> QM in Procurement--> Define Status of Supply Relationships--> Assign delivery status for inspection type

    This may give some clue on error

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    • Hi Yogini,

      This config looks fine to me as for the Status Profile that I'm using the Origin and the Inspection type points towards Goods Receipt...