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Dec 01, 2007 at 10:22 AM

calling smartforms from custom screen


hi Friends,

i have created a custom screen. form this screen i have to call different transactions(mb21,mb22). this is done. From the same screen i have following fields,

Order number _________ to _________

the above field shold be decalred as select-options with multiple selections. is it possibel to do so in the custom screen. below this i have following fields


copies Form Printer

__ picking list ____

__ deliverynote ____

__ driving plan ____


now my requirement is, When the user enter a desired number inthe number of copies field against the desired form and clicks on the PRINT push button the given no.of copies should be printed.

For example the user enters 2 for picking list, 4 for delivery note and 3 for driving plan enters the printer name and click on PRINT, respective number of forms should be printed.

All the print programs of these three layout has a selection screen where the input is either reservation number or purchsing document number

all these forms and print programs were developed.

Please provide me with suitable solution. Any help will be highly appreciated and rewarded.