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Nov 30, 2007 at 07:09 PM

N-step approval BAdI - auto approve shopping carts


We're implementing the BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI for n-step approval. We have some steps in there that we implement deadline monitoring so that after 24 hours, we want the work items to be approved automatically and convert to PO's. I understand that only reminders are sent from deadline monitoring and not approving work items as they require manual intervention.

So we creat a program to approve the work items and convert them to PO's but we find that the SC status is not getting updated correctly. We have the PO's but the SC's still remain in 'Awaiting Approval' status in Check Status screen. And in BBP_PD the following is shown:

HEADER I1015 Awaiting Approval

HEADER I1021 Created

HEADER I1038 Complete

HEADER I1106 Shopping cart ordered

HEADER I1129 Approved

0000000001 I1111 Item in Transfer Process X

0000000001 I1113 Follow-on Document Created

Awaiting Approval does not have an X when it should since there's an Approved status here. Therefore, in the Approval area of the SC it still says "In approval since....".

Has anyone tried this or have any suggestion as to how we can resolve this issue?

Thank you much,