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Nov 30, 2007 at 06:40 PM

Need expert's view on java object convertion



I have my aplication on NW AS Java which will call ABAP Web Services on SAP ERP System. For that I am using java proxies for web service call.

The problem is every time what ever change i do, i have to touch my java code to regenerate java proxy which will call ABAP Web Service.

Now, i am planning to use XI in between so that I do everything in XI. At least i don't need to touch my java code in future. From XI, i call ABAP web service using SOAP adapter.

Now, the question is how can i convert my java(proxy) objects in XI. The out object i am sending is very complex, i am using some other objects in the out Object to call ABAP web service.

Do i need to put my objects in File or Database ot Message queue... in order to use them in XI. What is the better option in this case...