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UI5 Diagnostics - Invalid binding path

Hello colleagues,

I came across strange issue, while investigating why the "selectedKey" property of my input field doesn't work.

When I go to the UI Diagnostics (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S), I found that most of my items and suggestionItems binding paths shows as invalid. However, almost everything works fine - suggestions are popped up, lists are filled with correct information.

That's what I see:

Another binding:

What could be wrong here? Could it be some backend issue? I don't see any failed requets in the console or network tabs.

The second issue - I cannot set the selectedKey property for my input field - when I set it, the field becomes just empty.

This is how my input field looks like in XML:

<Label text="Responsible" labelFor="responsibleId" required="true"/>
<Input id="responsibleId" type="Text" value="{list>LastName}, {list>FirstName}" showSuggestion="true"
	suggestionItems="{path: 'list>/Persons'}" textFormatMode="ValueKey"
		<core:ListItem key="{list>UserId}" text="{list>LastName}, {list>FirstName}" additionalText="{list>UserId}"/>

I'm pretty sure that {list>ResponsibleId} binding is not empty, I tried to bind to the value property of other field - everyting is ok.



bind1.png (16.0 kB)
bind2.png (13.6 kB)
bind3.png (10.8 kB)
bind4.png (9.2 kB)
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