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BUG: Asked question not visible in profile and in activity stream

Oct 14, 2016 at 10:25 AM


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Twelve hours ago I asked the following question (please don't ask about the exact time, I have no idea):

The question does not seem to be under moderation (I saw no message about that, and another forum member commented on it already.

However, the question is not displayed in my profile:

And it is not in my Activity stream either.

I had to dig it out from the list of questions tagged Using, which is getting bigger.

May I know what is the reason and how to avoid this?

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profile.jpg (33.0 kB)
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And here is the screenshot from my Activity stream, which also illustrates the issue:

Please, consider removing the restriction of two attachments at least for this primary tag, or provide other means for submitting bug reports!

Forum threads for bug reporting and Bugs list in a blog or a document are not a good option, this is what bug tracking systems are used for.

I am really willing to help, but if I have to spend time combining several screenshots into one, I won't bother.


My situation is similar but different.

I can see my question in stream

But not under "My questions"

Please, rememeber that "My questions" is a really important tool to find out something we already asked.

2.png (29.0 kB)
1.png (31.0 kB)

Oh, nice! Now even from my stream i cannot see my it in my stream until i updated the title.

(still missing in my profile)


I have absolutely no idea what was the exact problem.

Several hours later the question appeared in my profile.

I would still like to know the reason and how to avoid this in the future.

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Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
Oct 14, 2016 at 06:48 PM


We are running a full cache update to initialize all 1.2 Million profiles that we have in the system. As that is quite a lot (:)), items are waiting in a queue to be updated, that's why you can have a delay currently.

When all profiles are done (takes a few days), then we are back to normal operations and everything should appear almost immediately on your profiles after publishing.

Thanks for the patience.



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Why are you updating 1.2 million profiles???? Was there any cleansing out of old profiles? There isn't anywhere near that many users actually using this this week. Why not just update the moderators and users that logged in this week? Do the rest later.

If someone hasn't been on line in say two years, why even bring over their profiles? Make them re-register to reacitvate their account.



Hi Craig,

If we would delete profiles/accounts, that would cause even bigger trouble than most of the bugs reported here. We are not allowed to do that and of course we would not do it either.

We started the update with the users who had the most legacy points in the Community, including moderators.

The reason why we need to update all of them is to be up to date after the migration of blogs from SCN to the new Community and make sure that nobody is missing them. (btw, cool BIF blog, my dog is doing mantrailing)

If you have further concerns and would like to talk about it, feel free to reach out to me.



Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy

Thanks for the update!

I can understand not deleting. I would still think it could be possible to inactive a ton of them for inactivity.

I don't think Hasso has been active for a while. ;-)

Would love to chat about mantrailing and SAR work sometime. Maybe in Barcelona?


Haha, I don't think anyone would dare risking their jobs to modify anything about Hasso's profile :D In fact he's blogging quite actively about HANA.

Unfortunately I won't be in Barcelona, maybe next time :)