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Different aggregation between Hana Studio and Composite Provider

Hello Experts,

We are facing an issue with a query on a composite provider that presents a different value from the result we get on Hana Studio calculation view.

We created a Calculation View on Hana and we are using this calculation View on a Composite Provider (Union type).

The Composite Provider contains only the calculation view:

We are facing a problem on the output of the query created on this Composite Provider (Bex Query Designer), that the result on this output is different from the result we have on the Hana Studio output (using data preview or raw data) When we run the result on Hana, the outputs we have for the measure ZPUR_GROVAL and NET_PO_VAL are this:

However, when we either run a query developed on this Composite Provider the output we get is different from what we are getting on Hana Studio.

Both values are a calculation where I actually apportion the value when the same purchase document item has several cost centers or wbs elements.

We use this formula to calculate both measures:

ZZWPROZ being the percentage in the apportioning for each costcenter of wbs element. All the measures were created with data type DOUBLE (including ZZWPROZ) to get as accurate as we could on the decimal rounding.

We tried different things but none of them seemed to work.

We tried different data types on the fields (FLOAT, DECIMAL), andwe also tried to associate those fields to standard InfoObjects (0PUR_GROVAL and 0NET_PO_VAL) but none of them worked.

What SAP BW seems to be doing is rounding the values to only three decimals (we found that out by trying it on excel).

Has anyone found an issue with this decimal loss in values from SAP Hana to SAP BW?

How did you solve it?

Thanks in Advance

Alexandre Spissoto

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  • Thanks Lars,

    We did open an incident with SAP support and they are analyzing the problem to find a solution

  • Former Member

    Hi there,

    We are facing exactly same issue with the wrong numbers on the Key Figure (FLTP type) in Composite provider, while in Calculation view Preview everything shown correctly.

    We have found that our issue is only limited to few particular calculation views, while for others it's working properly. The ones, which are affected has Input Parameters... We are still investigating...

    Do you have any update from SAP regarding this issue? He have also raised message to them..

    Thanks, Alex

  • Sorry for the delay Alexey, we are still nvestiganting the issue too. We ran some tests and what we think happens is that when BW read the calculation view, it only coniders three decimals, instead of the seven we are using on the calculation view.

    So, try to see if the cases you say are working properly are cases where you use no more than three decimals on the calculation view. In our case, we need seven decimals for accuracy.

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1 Answer

  • Nov 07, 2018 at 11:12 PM

    Rename the existing CV, create a scripted view on top of this renamed CV and name it to the original name of CV which was used in CP. I believe this should resolve your issue!

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