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Map BW Easy Query Key figure to dynamic Fiori Tile?

Oct 16, 2017 at 02:16 PM


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I would like to display a key figure of a BW Easy Query (that I can access via Odata) to my dynamic Fiori tile.

Accessing the Easy Query like this gives the following output


  "d" : {
    "results" : [
        "__metadata" : {
          "id" : "http://<system>/sap/***/odata/sap/Z*****/<query_name>('<parameters>')",
          "uri" : "http://<system>/sap/***/odata/sap/Z*****/<query_name>('<parameters>')",
          "type" : "Z****.<query_name>"
        "ID" : "<id>",
        "TotaledProperties" : "",
        "A0CALWEEK" : "20.2017",
        "0MATERIAL" : "1000005",
        "0MATERIAL__BASEUOM" : "PC",
        "A00O2TPJXEBUT4F4UBQXI2U4EQ" : "71.42857142857143"

I would like to add the value of the key figure "A00O2TPJXEBUT4F4UBQXI2U4EQ" to the Fiori tile.

What Odata Request do I have to configure in the Fiori tile?

If I query the following:



The "1" shows up in the Fiori tile correctly.

How can I "navigate down" to my key figure in the Odata query?

Thank you!

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1 Answer

Keith Nunn
Oct 16, 2017 at 03:25 PM

Hi, Moritz.

The standard dynamic tile is expecting a single, numeric result from the odata URL provided in the configuration (i.e. - "$count"). If you want to implement custom text on the tile based on the results of the odata query then you'll want to look into defining a custom tile type. These are based on SAPUI5 views and you can customize them to your needs. You can find information on that here:

Implementing a Custom Tile Type -


Keith Nunn
SAP Product Support

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Hello Keith,

thanks for your answer. I understand that the tile is expecting a single number. Is there any way I can query the Odata query, so that it results in only the number, being my key figure? I tried to $select to the key figure ID, but it's not working.

Best regards



Hi, Moritz.

Could you let me know what URL you tried with the $select keyword? I checked with some BW colleagues and the suggestion was to use the $select keyword but you mentioned that you already tried it. So if you can let me know what the URL was and what result you saw, I can reach out to the BW team again.