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Nov 29, 2007 at 10:10 PM

Two dual-host ITS instances on same hardware


I’m running a standalone v6.2 ITS dual-host connected to R/3 4.6c system (A), custom IACs. We have another 4.6c system (B) that partners want access to. Is a workable solution to add another NIC to the DMZ wGate box (different URL), install another wGate & Agate instance on the respective boxes and configure for system (B)? Assuming boxes have the resources to handle the additional load.

Does anyone know of a solution using the standalone ITS were a single site an IACs like Order Status or Product Availability could direct the request to the system with the desired information? In general terms extract customer#’s, documents and part numbers from both system and use BAPI & flow logic instead of IACs with some custom scripting to determine which system to connect to?