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SNMP Trap test failed

Hi Experts,

We have installed SNMP Traps in our sap server and while testing with SEND_SNMP_TRAP command with below additional details it failed.

-v 1 -m MIB:SAP-MIB -M DIR:/sapmnt/SMD/exe/MIBS -c public UDP:localhost:162 SAPMIB::r3maiTrap localhost 6 60 ''

Resulted as below

-V, --version display package version number SNMP Version 1 or 2c specific -c COMMUNITY set the community string SNMP Version 3 specific -a PROTOCOL set authentication protocol (MD5|SHA) -A PASSPHRASE set authentication protocol pass phrase -e ENGINE-ID set security engine ID (e.g. 800000020109840301) -E ENGINE-ID set context engine ID (e.g. 800000020109840301) -l LEVEL set security level (noAuthNoPriv|authNoPriv|authPriv) -n CONTEXT set context name (e.g. bridge1) -u USER-NAME set security name (e.g. bert) -x PROTOCOL set privacy protocol (DES) -X PASSPHRASE set privacy protocol pass phrase -Z BOOTS,TIME set destination engine boots/time General communication options -r RETRIES set the number of retries -t TIMEOUT set the request timeout (in seconds) Debugging -d dump input/output packets in hexadecimal -D TOKEN[,...] turn on debugging output for the specified TOKENs (ALL gives extremely verbose debugging output) General options -m MIB[:...] load given list of MIBs (ALL loads everything) -M DIR[:...] look in given list of directories for MIBs -P MIBOPTS Toggle various defaults controlling MIB parsing: u: allow the use of underlines in MIB symbols c: disallow the use of "--" to terminate comments d: save the DESCRIPTIONs of the MIB objects e: disable errors when MIB symbols conflict w: enable warnings when MIB symbols conflict W: enable detailed warnings when MIB symbols conflict R: replace MIB symbols from latest module -O OUTOPTS Toggle various defaults controlling output display: b: do not break OID indexes down e: print enums numerically E: escape quotes in string indices f: print full OIDs on output n: print OIDs numerically q: quick print for easier parsing Q: quick print with equal-signs s: print only last symbolic element of OID S: print MIB module-id plus last element t: print timeticks unparsed as numeric integers T: print human-readable text along with hex strings u: print OIDs using UCD-style prefix suppression v: print values only (not OID = value) X: extended index format -I INOPTS Toggle various defaults controlling input parsing: b: do best/regex matching to find a MIB node r: do not check values for range/type legality R: do random access to OID labels u: top-level OIDs must have '.' prefix (UCD-style) -C APPOPTS Set various application specific behaviour: i: send an INFORM instead of a TRAP -v 1 TRAP-PARAMETERS: enterprise-oid agent trap-type specific-type uptime [OID TYPE VALUE]... or -v 2 TRAP-PARAMETERS: uptime trapoid [OID TYPE VALUE] ... External program terminated with exit code 255



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1 Answer

  • Oct 18, 2017 at 07:05 AM

    Hello Govadhan,

    the SAP note "2251447 - CCMS: SNMP utilities failing on WinNT" contains the attachment "CCMS_Testing_SNMP_utilities.pdf"
    how to test SNMP utilities on the OS level. Please take a look on it, if you have downloaded and configured everything correctly.
    The example is for a Windows server, but it will be similar also on Unix.

    Regards, Alwina

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