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Nov 29, 2007 at 04:50 PM

Blank Screens - Java


I recently installed a solution manager 4. It starts with no errors (everything green in SAP MMC).

I was following the guide "Configuring of Maintenance Optimizer" so I can be able to download Support Packages of SAP ERP.

But I noticed that I have a lot of blank screen, that I think it's something about java.

I'm telling this because in rz10 when I triend to activate the instace profile I received erros inthe following parameters:

Parameter: jstartup/instance_properties

Value: $(jstartup/j2ee_properties);$(jstartup/sdm_properties)

Error: jstartup/instance_properties file S:\usr\sap\SMS\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\cluster\instance

Parameter: exe/j2ee

Value: $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)\jcontrol$(FT_EXE)

Error: exe/j2ee file S:\usr\sap\SMS\DVEBMGS00\exe\jcontrol.EXE does not exist

In this error I already checked and I have this file in that location.

I hope you can help me.