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Nov 29, 2007 at 11:02 AM



Hi All,

I have created Discusiion Forum on Portal.

To implement SEARCH functionality in Forum to search thread

I have taken Following steps::

1) Created Index System Administration - - > System Configuration - - > Index

Administration - -> create Index and assigned Data Sourse aon the path below)

Content Administration - -> KM Content - - >Collaboration - - >Discussions-->109b(this is folder where threads of Forum resides)

2) Created KM Search Iview search proceeds very well BUT my Issuee is

<b>1) In Iview i have to Manually Specify Index after clicking on Show Option and Index Groups

How can i have default Entry for this Index that it automatically selects the required Index for searching for that which property in Iview i have to set ??

2) I am haveing FIVE Rooms in my Discussion Forum so i have created five Index pointing Five diffrent location because threads for each five Rooms are located in five diffrent location.

Is theare any way with which i can have all the threads of my Discussion Forum ie all five Rooms in the same folder so that i can create one INDEX and assign path of one folder to that INDEX as Data Sourse.</b>


its very Urgent ..

any help will be highly Appretiated and will be rewarded

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