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Destination in SCP using xshttpdest in XSJS not reachable

Oct 12, 2017 at 02:58 PM


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Hello everybody,

my scenario is quite standard I think. Using a xshttpdest file I try to connect to one of the destinations in my (productive) SCP to fetch odata data from ECC backend and add the information to a hana table on SCP. Looks like the video Thomas Jung recorded a while ago where he does the same thing. All done in eclipse btw.

I've double checked users, proxies etc and all looks ok to me. Somehow, the connection can't be made and I only get errors when I read the body. (Logon error appears. ). I get no errors when the system is trying to "create" the destination.

Another strange thing is: when I go directly to my web-ide, I can access the destination and fetch the available odata services, BUT, I see two times the same available catalog when I, for example, want to create an odata service. One is working, and the other one isn't (destination not reachable) I just can't lay the finger on it what could cause it. We made sure the HCC only has one unique named entry so no conflicts there. (Could it be that I both have version 1 and version 2 of /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE being active?)

So the thought was: could it be, establishing the connection to the destination using the xshttpdest file, that the system also sees two "catalags" and choosing the incorrect one?

Hope you can help!

Kind regards


ps: Here is an example of the initial view I have and the message you get when I select the second one. The first one just gives me the services. When I add a Northwind destination I just get one as expected.

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Former Member Oct 18, 2017 at 10:18 AM

So, we finally fixed it:

- First we removed the user for the proxy. The user is not relevant.

- Second: during the editing of the admin details of the xshttpdest file, a user + pass can be entered in the authentication part. I tried several users including my SAP user and a S user. Although I had the idea that my SAP user had the correct password, it kept talking about logon errors. When I finally entered my password in a normal field and copypast it into the password field of the authentication part of the xshttpdest, it finally worked!

- The two destination which showed up in my web-ide environment, was due to much options in one of the parameters of the destination. Bringing it back to odata_xs, odata_abap etc, (your normal list so to speak) it resulted in a single entry. So that is solved too!



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Arun Krishnamoorthy Jul 11 at 10:14 AM

Hi Laurens,

I am facing an similar issue. I am new to hana. Here is what i have done. I have created the xshttpdest and trying to call the OData Service. I am facing an error pointing to saml.

Following is the content of xshttpdest file.

description = "SAP Demo Store"; host = ""; port = 443; pathPrefix = "/sap/fiori/managescenarioslist/destinations/S4HCTOOL_DEMO_SCENARIOS"; authType = basic; useSSL = true; timeout = 0; sslHostCheck = true; sslAuth = client;

In the hana xs/admin page i have provided the user name and password for basic authentication.

Arun Krishnamoorthy

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