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SAP HANA : How to determine how much memory a user is using ?

Oct 11, 2017 at 08:30 PM


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We are using SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12. We have created one dedicated user for each application. Some of our applications are very memory consumming.

We would like to know how to check which user are using more memory ?

How to determine how much memory a user is using ?

I have found a SQL query for Oracle Database : and I have also checked "SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA" but "HANA_Memory_TopConsumers_1.00.85+" query didn't provided the username.

Is there a SQL query to do that ?

I would like to avoid traces for the moment.

Thank you !

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I would prefer to have SQL query instead traces.

Is it someone can provided a SQL query ?

I have tried to translate the following Oracle query in an HANA compatible...

SELECT to_char(ssn.sid, '9999') || ' - ' || nvl(ssn.username, nvl(, 'background')) ||
nvl(lower(ssn.machine), ins.host_name) "SESSION",
to_char(prc.spid, '999999999') "PID/THREAD",
to_char((se1.value/1024)/1024, '999G999G990D00') || ' MB' " CURRENT SIZE",
to_char((se2.value/1024)/1024, '999G999G990D00') || ' MB' " MAXIMUM SIZE"
FROM v$sesstat se1, v$sesstat se2, v$session ssn, v$bgprocess bgp, v$process prc,
v$instance ins, v$statname stat1, v$statname stat2
WHERE se1.statistic# = stat1.statistic# and = 'session pga memory'
AND se2.statistic# = stat2.statistic# and = 'session pga memory max'
AND se1.sid = ssn.sid
AND se2.sid = ssn.sid
AND ssn.paddr = bgp.paddr (+)
AND ssn.paddr = prc.addr (+);

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1 Answer

Sergio Guerrero Oct 11, 2017 at 09:47 PM

besides a query your admin can set up traces per user to see what is causing these issues if you want to identify per DB user.

i am not sure of the query but traces could also work as for what you need

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