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Create ABAP external view on virtual table


I'm trying to create ABAP external view on a virtual table in HANA. However none of the examples in howtos work. Is there a way to create SE11 view directly?

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  • Hey, Florian.

    I tried to created DDL Source like so

    define view ztest1 as select from ZBC_REQ { * }

    but is says

     Basis object ZBC_REQ does not exist or is not active

    Virtual table is in SAP schema


    Best regards,


  • If ZBC_REQ is the virtual table, my answer from above is the same. You cannot access virtual tabels directly in an ABAP CDS View. You have to use e.g. a CDS Table function where you can implement the access logic in SQLScript and then use that CDS table function in the CDS view.

  • Oh, I see now. It only works for ABAP 7.5, while I'm still on 7.4.

    Thanks for your help!

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