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Nov 28, 2007 at 03:24 PM

Impact due to (SAPKE50037), we are on ECC 5.0



After the application of the Support Pack (SAPKE50037), there are

unwanted changes in the IT 0006 subtype 4. The State and and Zipcode

fields are mandatory. The business wants to revert back to the original

configuration, where only the Telephone number was required.

We noticed a change in the program where there is an additional check

added for USA,

(if country = USA, then the state and zip field mandatory)

I had this response from SAP:

<i>Development has told me that a change was made to the note and the

latest version should be downloaded and applied.

SAP Note No. 1075428 Version 4 from 24.10.2007</i>


After carefully studying the

note, i realized that the note would do exactly opposite to what the

requirement is. We want to revert back to the original setting where

only the telephone number was required and state and zipcode should not

be mandatory fields. We are getting this hard error "State is a required field" which explains our current situation.