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BUG: Questions with zero responses -- second round

Oct 14, 2016 at 08:58 AM


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I reported a feature request in BETA that is very important for us and which has been partly implemented. It had 2 parts. One was about filtering per tag and this has been implemented (Thank You!).

The other one was to have the ability to filter for questions with zero responses which is still not implemented and I did not find this in

You can read about it in
which has been even enhanced later by Johan Hakkesteegt in

Quick summary:

We'd require 3 filters

  • All questions (available)
  • Unanswered questions (available, list of questions w/o best answer)
  • Questions with zero responses <<< this one would be very important for us!

Pitfall when testing this (a.k.a bug):

Please note that this behavior can be observed on a specific Q&A tag page say this one

The main page behaves almost how I need it (almost as it is not tag-specific, but the global queue of questions).

Thank you and Best Regards,


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I'm posting this as an answer, not a comment, deliberately to test something. I suspect the "unanswered questions" filter removes all questions with an answer of any kind. It doesn't just look at accepted answers.

At the moment, people are confused about the difference between comments and answers, and are posting answers when they meant to post comments. Like I am now :-) This could be resulting in many unanswered questions not appearing in the unanswered questions list.

I'm going to go back and check now if this question disappears from the list...


It did :-(

I'll now convert this answer to a comment to undo my damage...


And now it is back on the unanswered list...

Sorry for using your question as an experiment, but it seemed relevant to the question you were asking, since I think one of the things you think has been delivered actually hasn't.


Yep, looks like it's actually the other way around.

"Unanswered questions (available, list of questions w/o best answer)" < not there

"Questions with zero responses <<< this one would be very important for us!" << there, if you don't count comments as reponses...




wait, we can filter by tag ?? HOW ??!?

I don't see this option anywhere.


it has been implemented as per my request some time ago. It is not about a tag browser or searching for tags, only the basic functionality that if you click a tag it lists only items related to that very tag even if you change filtering (i.e. all questions / unsanswered questions)


well, that means when I go to Q&A section, I can't filter on a Tag I follow, which sort of defeats the purpose.
Now I have to scroll/page thru my activity stream to find things to answer/comment/follow.
I don't think that is Simple or Efficient.

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Steve Rumsby
Oct 14, 2016 at 11:02 AM

So now I'm confused. I'm seeing different behaviour in different places. On the global Q&A page, if you apply the "unanswered questions" filter you get exactly the questions with 0 replies:

But that's not what happens on the page you linked to. So I have no idea what's going on. I can't think of a reason why these two pages should behave differently.

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Then we are both confused! :D I don't feel lonely any more!

What you said is a very good point, I did not know the main page behaves differently.

You can take any arbitary Q&A tag page and it'll behave as I said, and apparently the main page behaves in the other way round as you said :D

Now this is something that helps me to revamp the original post.

Thank you, Steve!!


It is always nice to have some company in confusion. I hate being confused alone...


making connections and finding comrades cannot be hindered by any bugs ;)


I added now a section to the original post that helps to avoid misunderstandings for the reader.


After all this, my personal favourite is this one ! :))

and a little later after accepting an answer, this one :))

gduir.png (12.6 kB)
1pphs.png (13.0 kB)

Ops, you posted this before me; deleting my other comment. The counter bug has been reported, I believe, and it has to do with converting between comments and answers, I believe.


I think I saw that comment too, and I agree with you that a stable reply counter would come in handy! ;-)


Ervin do you post this #bug (negative reply) somewhere?


someone mentioned above that it is already posted. I think it was Janis:

"Ops, you posted this before me; deleting my other comment. The counter bug has been reported, I believe, and it has to do with converting between comments and answers, I believe."

Ervin Szolke
Oct 14, 2016 at 10:05 AM


I'd like to list threads with 0-Responses (and only those (!)).

Example how this works today and I highlighted in yellow how we'd like to have a this feature to behave (not necessarily by changing this feature but by adding another one, since "Unanswered Questions" as implemented today, makes sense too):

I understand that currently "Unanswered Questions" is about "NoBestAnswer-threads" and this is an absolutely valid feature too, but not what we are interested about.
This is why we'd require an option for "Questions with zero responses" that would behave as I highlighted with yellow on the above screenshot.

I could ask this way too:

Go to say and try to list only those questions where you see "0 Replies". This is not possible.



zeroresult0.png (68.4 kB)
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See my comments above about how "Unanswered questions" isn't doing quite what you think it is. It is not "no best answer threads" but "no answer threads". You might want to change a little what you are asking for...


Hi Steve,

can you please send me a screenshot ?

Thank you and Regards,



A screenshot of what?


Alternatively, can you please navigate to a tag related Q&A page like this one and help me how I can list only those that are displayed in the list as "0 Replies" ?

Thank you! ;-)