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Oct 14, 2016 at 08:49 AM

BO 4.2 SP2 - Promotion Management Issue


Hi All,

We are using BO 4.2 Service Pack 2 and Patch 4 in our test and Prod Environments. We recently upgraded BO from 4.1 SP4 to 4.2 SP2. Promotion Management feature was working fine in 4.1.

Now, when we use Promotion Management feature in CMC, we get the below errors:

- We can create a job and add objects. When we click on "Manage dependencies" we get a pop up window with error message as "Failed to get dependencies of job". Attached here -

- Also, if we dont do Manage dependencies and straightaway to go Promote job, it creates LCMBIAR file only when we select Security setting as "Do not promote Security". If we select "Promote Security option", we again get a pop up window with error message as "[{"AjaxRequestThrowsError":"True"}]".

Can you please help us in fixing this? Is this the issue with the patch?. We have also checked the SAP KBA 2312353, also cleared Tomcat Cache, but no luck.

Thanks & Regards,

Kavitha Rao