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Nov 27, 2007 at 09:55 PM

CTM prioritization by category


Hi all -

Our requirement is to cover the Demand (Fcst) first and then look at inventory requirements (safety stock etc) when using CTM. In case of capacity shortfalls, we want to make sure that the forecasts are met.

We do not have the system ready yet but this is what I am planning to do.

1) In the demand priotization tab of the CTM profile, enter the tech name as <b>ATPCAT</b> and define the direction as <b>decreasing</b>.

2) Define the special sorting sequence for ATPCAT in SPRO and specify the category FA(Fcst) as item 0 which is high priority.

Can you please let me know if this is the way to do it or is there another way? Would this work for what I am trying to achieve or did someone have to do implement any user exits?

Thanks for your help!