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Nov 27, 2007 at 02:18 PM

SAP Memory management 64-bits Windows environment



I've a question regarding memory management in a 64-bits windows environment.

The default for parameter ztta/roll_extension is 2000000000, which is 2GB.

The default for parameter em/address_space_MB is 4096, which is 4GB.

Parameter em/address_space_MB should determine the user quota in a windows 64-bits environment.

However...In the default case (that is recommended with zamm, to set no parameters), the ztta/roll_extension limit's the user quota.

Im my opinion, whe should increase the ztta/roll_extension (for example to 20GB) to force the system that it uses em/address_space_MB as the user quota. (like we did in the 32-bits releases, 'disable' the ztta/roll_extension).

I couln't find documentation on this.

Kind regards,