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Create a Supplier Invoice in ByD via ABSL

Dear Colleagues,

I tried creating the simplest Supplier Invoice programmatically.

Unfortunately, I am stuck on the following code:

import ABSL;
import AP.SupplierInvoicing.Global;
import AP.FO.Product.Global;
import AP.FO.Party.Global;

var date = Date.Create( 2015, 10, 5 );

// Supplier Invoice
var supplierInvoiceData	: elementsof SupplierInvoice;
supplierInvoiceData.TypeCode = "004"; // Invoice
supplierInvoiceData.Date = date;
supplierInvoiceData.DocumentItemsGrossAmountIndicator = false;
supplierInvoiceData.ReceiptDate	= date;
supplierInvoiceData.TransactionDate = date;
//supplierInvoiceData.GrossAmount.content = 264;
supplierInvoiceData.GrossAmount.currencyCode = "GBP";
var supplierInvoice = SupplierInvoice.Create ( supplierInvoiceData );

// External Document ID
var businessTransactionDocumentReference : elementsof SupplierInvoice.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference;
businessTransactionDocumentReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode = "7";
businessTransactionDocumentReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.ID.content = "EXT1236";
businessTransactionDocumentReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.TypeCode = "28";
supplierInvoice.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.Create ( businessTransactionDocumentReference );

// Set Seller Party
var partyData : elementsof SupplierInvoice.Party;
partyData.PartyKey.PartyID.content = "S100200";
supplierInvoice.SellerParty.Create ( partyData );

// Set Buyer Party
partyData.PartyKey.PartyID.content = "1000";
partyData.PartyKey.PartyID.content = partyData.PartyKey.PartyID.content.AddLeadingZeros();
supplierInvoice.BuyerParty.Create ( partyData );

var item1 = supplierInvoice.Item.Create();
item1.ItemProduct.ProductKey.ProductID.content = "P100109";
item1.Quantity.content = 1;
item1.NetUnitPrice.Amount.content = 220;
item1.TaxCalculationItem.TaxationCharacteristicsCode.content = "2";
foreach ( var accountingCodingBlockAssignment in item1.ItemAccountingCodingBlockDistribution.AccountingCodingBlockAssignment ) {
	accountingCodingBlockAssignment.GeneralLedgerAccountAliasCode.content = "A-7460";



On saving I get error messages:

There are at least two error messages I can hardly understand:

- Account assignment data missing for item 1.1

- The balance is not equal zero

I can see in the debugger that all the mentioned fields are filled with correct values and BalanceAmount = 0.

Besides that, I successfully created some supplier invoices with the same data manually (via Work Center)

Please, could you tell me what is not correct in my code?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

  • Oct 11, 2017 at 01:28 PM

    Hi Alexsei

    I am surprised, that you were able to enter the data manually and not via the absl coding. I would suggest that you first only save the entry (w/o the actions) and check the data. From this I would proceed.

    best regards


    PS: It is hard to give qualified advice w/o knowing your data.

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  • Oct 11, 2017 at 03:19 PM

    Dear Marlene,

    I just saved a new Supplier Invoice with exactly the same data as they were in the absl code (but External Document ID).

    I am afraid the screenshot is not very good quality because I had to reduce the scale to capture the whole view.

    It is just after hitting Check button. After saving, I got a message with a new id of the Supplier Invoice = SIV-1384.

    Now we can see the Invoice in the list below. Before that, SIV-1382 and SIV-1383 were also created in the same way (but quantity).

    I used creating an Invoice without a purchase order.

    Thank you very much


    000133.jpg (62.9 kB)
    000134.jpg (120.5 kB)
    000135.jpg (39.4 kB)
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