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Nov 27, 2007 at 07:41 AM

Issues with Approval Step in Subworkflow WS50000033


Hi Folks,

as this is my very first post to SDN, here is a quick introduction: I've been involved with SAP and ABAP for almost 8 years (prior to that I did PL/1-development) but I'm completely new to Workflow (just had BIT601 two weeks ago). I already spent some time reading and searching through the SDN-Forums/Blogs/Wikis this site provides, but I guess, that I'm suffering from "information overload" - especially as I cannot really place all the provided information. I therefore hope, that I at least managed to place this question in the proper forum!

Now for my current issue:

I'm involved with a project to make use of the Manager Self Service (MSS) functionality provided by SAP. A colleague and I are trying to follow the information provided by SAP in these three documents: "Configuration Guide for the Personnel Change Request (Release 60.1)", "Developing your own personnel change requests (Release 50.1/50.2)" and "Internal Service Request (ISR) cookbook (July 2004)". We are running Netweaver 04, SAP Basis 620, SAP_HR 470.

As a prototype, we've managed to get scenario SPPD for "Change Position (enhanced)" set up in the MyHRManager-section of the portal. We can submit the form for one of the employees we've set up in the development system and we also see (via transaction SWEL) that Standard Workflow WS50000041 is triggered. Subworkflow WS50000033 is triggered as well but we are not able to get its first approval step to work. A "possible agent" is determined and it looks correct, but still, the work-item doesn't get a "responsible agent" assigned.

Checking out the container-elements, I can see that roleID 50000133 is passed into the subworkflow via field APPROVER1_ROLEID. Interestingly enough, standard task TS50000075 is using Rule AC50000134 for the agent-determination and I'm wondering if that could/should work or if this might not be the cause for our issue?

If I use transaction PFAC_DIS to test rule AC50000133, the system is able to determine the agent properly for the test-notification.

Did anybody experience this same or a similar issue when trying to get MSS set up for the first time?

Being new to Workflow and posting to SDN, I'm quite certain that I haven't provided all the necessary information yet. So please let me know if I need to provide more/other details.

Thanks and Cheers