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What is the correct link to a tagged page?

Oct 14, 2016 at 08:03 AM


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There are at least two links pointing to blogs in ABAP Development. They show different results. What is the correct link? How should I know?


PS: The type:blog tag in the last one also doesn't work. Also discussions are shown. Have to select "Blog" manually on the page.

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That's really interesting. I'd certainly expect those two pages to produce identical results? I'd love to know why they don't - it sounds like a bug to me.


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2 Answers

Dzmitry Sidorkin Oct 14, 2016 at 08:52 AM

Hi Horst Keller,

Let me clarify a little bit.

If you are going to find information about content tagged with 'ABAP Development':

- Questions can be found directly in system by URL

- Blogs can be found directly in system by URL

- Aggregated content (questions,blogs) can be found in As it is not a direct system there possible delays between indexing content.

Hope it helps.


Dzmitry Sidorkin

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Hi Dirma,

how long can delays be? Really hours?




Should be sent withing 1 minute, but took about 2 hours. We look into it.




Wer'e still in the first week, no sweat


Thanks for the explanation Dzmitry Sidorkin

Paul Meehan
Sep 14, 2017 at 11:31 AM


This still appears to be a problem. Issue is the user will select 'Display All Content' and get a very limited result:

On the tag I moderate there is only one blog shown:

Also the option 'View all related content' leads to the same situation. Example link. This link shows all the blogs.

Can this be fixed?


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when you are in the community topic page of EAM/PM ( and set a filter on blogs then you get only blogs that have this tag as primary tag

when you are in then you see all blogs and if you filter by your followed tags then you also get the blogs that have your EAM/PM tag as primary and secondary tag.


I think there is more than what Jürgen L explains and we have some problem with indexing.

I do not think, that, filters blogs by primary tag only, because the single blog in SD that I can find from there is with primary tag PP.

If my understanding is correct, to have the link appear in, the content needs to be indexed as a blog and with English language.

For example, the SD link is: and I can see just one blog. I have posted blogs with SD as a primary tag, for example, but it is not displayed there.

It is indexed as a blog, but for some reason the language is not updated (if we assume that works in a similar way).

I checked a few recently published blogs in SD (for example - this cannot be because of the October migration or a delayed update.

From the links in EAM/PM that I checked, language was not populated as well. For the other set of links ( ones) this is not a problem, because there is no restriction per language).

Especially if one wishes to view non-English content, it is better to use the application-specific links and not the ones.