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Nov 26, 2007 at 09:28 PM

Variables in planning functions BI IP


We have a planning function for copy from a fix version (version 1) to another version (version 2) that should be dynamic. In the planning function we want the dynamic version (version 2) to be available for the end user with a BEx variable. In BI IP you can assign a BEx variable to a planning function, and then assign the planning function to a button in a workbook. The problem is how we can make a pop-up variable for the version in a BEx workbook for this planning function. It is possible to assign this variable to the query in the workbook so the end user can assign the value to the variable in the input variable window. This is not a good solution since we want the end user in the planning secession to decide which version the function should copy to without changing the input variable of the query.

We have also tried to have two different queries in the workbook, one planning query and one “dummy” query that copy to version (version 2) is assigned to. Still we have the problem that the end user needs to refresh the variable screen before he can execute the planning function.

We have looked at the how to guide How to … Build Planning Application Workbooks in BI Integrated Planning, but this type of scenario is not describe. In the guide there is a description of a solution using Excel functionality for the input variable, but this will not be a good solution since we then need to hard code all possible master data entries in Excel.

Dose any one have any experience with this type of problems?