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ABAP Migration to S/4 HANA and the new Data Model

Oct 18, 2016 at 07:44 PM


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are there any notes or guides available that support the migration to S/4 HANA concerning existing ABAP code and the new data model? I know the note 1912445 (ABAP custom code migration for SAP HANA), which hints at code inspector check variants (Note 1935918) to support migration to HANA.

Is there something similar for the migration to S/4 and the new data model? Or am I fine, if I use the check variants that are included the note for HANA migration? Or are there check variants that tell me that I use the old data model in my code?

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Thomas Fiedler
Oct 19, 2016 at 06:55 AM

Hi Felix,

the analysis of the custom code before an S/4HANA conversion is also done via the code inspector. Since monday we have the NW 7.51 release out. You can use the remote scans against your old development system to check the necessary adaptations.

Here is a link to the docu how you can analyze your code:



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Andrea Bosoni Oct 20, 2016 at 08:22 AM

My understanding is that the new variant has been delivered only with NW 7.51 Innovation Package, so it's not available with 7.50.

I also would be interested in understanding whether the new code inspector variants could be made available on 7.50 via a note.

Regards, Andrea

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Joachim Rees Dec 19, 2016 at 07:59 AM

Hi Felix,

I think the "Custom Code Migration Worklist" is just what you are looking for!

Here's a nice blog about it:



PS: I only just realized this question is quite old already - nevertheless, as it might also be a reference for others, I hope this is a valuable input.

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Felix Fichtner Oct 19, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Hi Thomas,

thank you for your response, it is very helpful.

I implemented the SCI Code Extractor with SAP Note 2270689 and I also imported a simplification database with program SYCM_UPLOAD_SIMPLIFIC_INFO. The database was CCMSIDB00P_3-80001018.ZIP (Simplification Database Content Patch 3).

Then I wanted to use the check variant S4HANA_READINESS, as described in the docu, but I cannot find the variant. Our S/4 System has SAP_BASIS Release 750 SP-Level 0001.

I couldn't find any mention of check variant S4HANA_READINESS in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad Search. Is there a SNote that contains this variant, or should it be included in the simplification database?

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Prabhakar Lal Dec 19, 2016 at 04:58 AM

Hi Felix

I too implemented this note and could not find S4HANA_READINESS check variant as described in the document. However, I could find another check variant GEN_FOR_CUSTOM_CODE_MANAGEMENT which executes same checks such as field length extension & DB operations.

Hope this helps.



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