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Nov 25, 2007 at 03:24 AM

why the 2nd case didn't lead to reset of the release stratagy


Hi SAP Gurus,

I created a PO with 2 Line Items.The 1st line item has multiple schedule lines and the secon line item has only one schedule line.After saving the Po the release strategy was triggerd and was released using ME29N.

Now i increase the second line item qty ans save the changes.Because of overal PO value has increased the relase stratogy was reset.This Correct.

However when i increase the qty for one of the schedule line in the 1st PO line item,the relase statogy was NOT reset even thoough the PO overall value ghas also increased.This is unexpected.

in all cases ,there is only one valid release stratogy(single level release)

please also not the following release indicator configuration.

Release indicator has changeability='6'

Tolerance for the valu changes during release=0.0%

Please advise why the 2nd case didn't lead to reset of the release strtagy even though the overall PO value has increased.