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SAP HANA XSA Web IDE: How to debug Trigger (dhbtrigger) or Procdures by Web IDE

Oct 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM


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could somebody tell us, if the debugger should work for procedures within the Web IDE?

If we click the button "Toggle Connection" within the db-explorer we get this error.

Could not connect SQL Debugger.

Any idea?


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Thomas Jung
Oct 12, 2017 at 01:15 PM

In general yes the debugger should work. The debugger makes a websocket connection for the debugger. Perhaps you are having a browser security issue if you are using a self signed certifcate. Or the a firewall is blocking the websocket connection (but doesn't block regular HTTP(S) connections). Just some troubleshooting thoughts. You might look in the browser debugging tools (like Chrome Developer Tools) to see if there more details on the connection failure.

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Thank you, I got it to work!

After you said it should generally work, I was looking much more "deeper" for this issue.

Now I saw that there is an setting-icon on the right side where we have to attach the container for the first time (I guess so)

And now its running. Cool!!!

1.In the Database Explorer, choose the Procedures folder, and right-click on your procedure and choose Open for Debugging. 2.On the right side of the debug pane, click the Settings button. 3. Click the Browse button for the Database field. 4.Select your container and click OK. 5.Click the Connect button. 6.Click Apply, then Close. 7.Insert a breakpoint on line 14 simply by clicking on the line number. 8.Use what you have learned and execute the procedure. You will notice that execution has stopped at your breakpoint. You can see all of the variables and parameters for this procedure. You might notice that this debug pane is currently not showing the intermediate table variables at this point. 9.Click the Step Over button. 10. You will notice that execution has continued to the next statement. In the debugger pane, a new local variable has been added. This is because it is not defined explicitly will be implicitly declared at runtime during first usage. 11. To see the data for this intermediate table variable, right click on it and choose Display Content.

Well that certainly lost its formatting after I posted it. Hopefully its still helpful for anyone coming along to this thread with the same problem.


yes, I'm quite sure, it will!

thank you very much!