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Migrate database from HANA to SQL

Oct 11, 2017 at 06:09 AM


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Hi All,

Is there any tool to migrate database from hana to sql?


Yiu Chern

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2 Answers

Zal Parchem
Oct 11, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Hello Yiu - I have done this six times and have been unable to find any tools.

What I have done to get the information out of HANA-Based SAP B1 into SQL-Based SAP B1:

1. Defined with the Customer what data was really important. (Base, Master, Complex, and Transactional).

2. Developed a task list of data to be pulled and estimated my hours based upon the above.

3. Used Query Generator to pull all pertinent tables from HANA-based SAP B1 (Like OSLP, OITG, etc for Base Data, OCRD, CRD1, etc. and OITM, ITM1, etc. for Master Date, and ORDR, RDR1, etc. for transactinal data).

4. Used DTW to get the data into SQL-based SAP B1. You might want to check the SAP B1 User Guide with "Data Migration and Opening Balances" as a good starting point to make sure you are going in the correct order.

That is really high-level, but you get the jest of it - the whole activity was basically doing a new implementation into the SQL-based SAP B1.

If you find some tools, let us all know - please...

Thanks much and take care - Zal

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I have just created an idea for this here, please have a look and a vote.




Hello Johan - thanks for putting it out there.

I used your link, but it says the object does not exist. So I tried various search functions, only to find out the Influence Center is really user-UN-friendly. I cannot make heads or tails of it. It really looks like it is centered around the ECC world. I could not even figure out if there was a tag or category for SAP Business One. Looks like some real effort needs to be put into the Influence Center (maybe one of the reasons why I saw such low votes on the 10+ items I reviewed).

Oh PS - not sure what you put in the center, but since SAP is rolling out HANA as the future standard, I doubt they will want to put any kind of development into taking Cusomers away from HANA-based and back into SQL-based. I imagine one criteria they use in the Influence Center is Revenue Generation. Going back to SQL-based is sort of counter to that criteria...

Take care - Zal


Hi Zal,

It works for me, so I think you probably have to register for the Customer Influence site first. Please try this link:, and scroll down to the paragraph Continuously suggest product improvements. Right below it is this link: Log in to view current SAP Continuous Influence sessions

It should bring you to a registration page.



Rinat Kamalov Oct 23, 2017 at 06:09 AM

+ realy needed

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